In recent years my work has developed from multidisciplinary collaborative projects in the realm of design, fashion and autonomous art, toward a documentary nature. Three years ago I deliberately chose to leave the controlled environment of the studio and to work more independently and spontaneously. 

In earlier photographs I deconstructed my own work process. With these 'dissections' I wanted to show that by looking behind a constructed image, we are confronted with much more than what we see in the final display or finished product. Outside the studio I also analyze reality in this way. In addition, I am strongly attracted to the tactility and materiality of objects and the duality of how something is designed and how it functions.

I constantly look for a visual language that best suits my story at that time; a method I translate to exhibitions, larger than life pictures, loose posters, maps and spatial installations. Because of this way of working, my presentations are often site-specific.

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